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Carolina Home Concierge ... relieved us of a lot of stress.

We were running out of time. Originally, we had four weeks between leaving our house and the new owners moving in, but because of construction delays on our new home in another town, we were down to less than two days. And we weren’t even sure that we had that long!

So we had two days to finish packing up all of the last minute, but necessary stuff; clothes, pots and pans, dishes, before the movers came. Then we had to go to our new town to close on our new house and direct the movers.

That left getting the rest of the house emptied, cleaned and ready for the new owners, and not being there to do it. And that meant we needed HELP! So, we called Karen and Susan at Carolina Home Concierge! With very little notice, they were able to get the remaining things in the house removed and donated, get the yard mowed and cleaned up, and most importantly, get the house clean and ready for the new owners. They had our old home in such great condition that the buyers went out of their way to contact us, telling us how happy they were to be able to move in without doing anything!

Carolina Home Concierge quickly provided a service that exceeded our expectations and relieved us of a lot of stress, allowing us to start enjoying the next adventure! We highly recommend their services!!

~ Jeff and Beverly B. – Wilson, NC

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